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Ganesha mantra

There are variations on this mantra; the one Master Sunyata used in class follows.

Om Gam Gan Ganapataye Namaha (Once/first time) (Pronounced "Om Gum Gun Gonna Pot Ah Yay Namaha")

Gam Gam Gan Ganapataye Namaha (can chant up to 107 times for 108 total)

Chant aloud, whisper in lips, or say it mentally/silent. Can use mala or not (we did not use malas in class when only doing a few, but at home mala helps).

One can chant, then sit in silence until vibration settles down, and then go about day noticing how energy changed. Can to do before classes or at home or in park or anytime you would like your energy to change, which removes obstacles.

Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Swaha


Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Swaha

(8 times. Each time more quiet. Number 8 is silent to self.)
(Breathing through nose, sit focusing on heart or forehead or crown, hands in Pancha Pranas Mudra - fingertips touch and point up but palms do not touch.)

(Now, one more audible again, to come out:)
Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Swaha

(OM on home:)

Stretch. Stand and stretch. Can do nice circular hip movements and other long movements.

Smile. Stay silent as long as possible. Wait until energy or health concerns allows you to eat.

Gazing at finger

Sit or stand relaxed.

Breathe through nose (if able).

Extend either arm out front, elbow relaxed.

Lift index finger and stare at it for a few seconds building up to a few minutes as time goes on.

Lower arm and close eyes or keep eyes soft and breathe.

Heart Expansion Breathing

Nice and easy expansion.

Find a horizontal line. Skyline, ocean, tree line, NJ from Highline, mountain top, roofline, anything that can be seen looking straight ahead or looking a tiny bit up.

Soft gaze.
Nose breathing.
Inhale as expand out.
Exhale as come back.

Inhale out heart.
Exhale into heart.

Nice and easy. Just a few moments.
Sit and breathe normally after.

When finished, thank the environment you are in. Take the calm as long as possible after, natural state, quietly, and smiling.

Flower Gazing

Find a flower. Stop for a minute or more and with soft gaze, look lovingly and with curiosity into the flower. When finished, thank the flower.

Changing Input

Slow, gradual, permanent change. Be a natural human(e), with real awareness, by changing the input through the senses into the body.

1. Change images coming into eyes. Unplug. Be aware of every image that comes into your eyes. Choose every image.

2. Change the environment. We have become too attached to "security". Go somewhere different before and after work.

3. Listen to something different. This includes what WE say. Change the sounds coming in. Use a mantra or listen to silence.


With eyes closed, allow sun to shine on your forehead for a minute or two, breathing in and out of the forehead through the nose. Turn the head away before opening the eyes. When finished, thank the sun.


Under full moon, allow the moonlight to shine on the top of your head (crown), breathing into and out of the crown through the nose. When finished, thank the moon.