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Below are some resources to help you focus, understand, and change. Thank you.


Introduction to, and overview of, the "2010-2014 Teachings for Women of Sunyata Saraswati", from his last years of his life in Florida.

One manual.

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"Become like a crane."
- Sunyata Saraswati

To be more calm, centered, balanced, grounded...what a powerful way to live.

The "Salutes" are presented: movements that work with one's energy, energy storage, and energy expression centers in the body. "Salutes" are movements that open and close (bookend) a practice, or that can be performed as their own practice. The practitioner will find other ways to utilize the "Salutes" and their benefits for themselves and others.

Two videos and one manual.

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Foundation Warmup

"We have to move. The whole universe is moving. Why would we become static?"
- Sunyata Saraswati

Many are eager to meditate, open the 3rd Eye, or go deep into whatever the spiritual path could be defined as. Along with that mystical reality, one must still be able to navigate the physical reality. In the physical reality, one must be grounded and be able to, as Master Sunyata would say, "function on this planet."

In this manual, the "Foundation Warmup" is presented: stances and movements that help the practitioner to stabilize and settle into the body, and to acclimate the body to synchronization of breath with movement. This cleansing, grounding, and expanding practice is a tune up for the internal and external body.

Five videos and one manual.

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conflict resolution and transformation

Conscious Conflict Transformation

Sitting on the porch one day, I saw a leaf falling from a tree. In that moment, the concept of oneness, separation, and much of this book came.

In this self-coaching manual, you will go on a journey of conflict self-coaching, working to purify yourself to a higher level, so that you can turn conflict into a transformational experience.

In the first half of the course, you will work to purify your mind, clear yourself, and find yourself so that you can prevent conflict as well as transform the conflicts on your conflict list.

In the second half of the course, you will analyze conflict to find its positive messages, and then dialogue with those on your conflict list to relieve the suffering of all involved, elevate your consciousness, and not being tied to the past or anxious about the future.

Learn ways to open dialogue from the heart, bypassing the typical conflict talk, using "I feel, I need, I promise", or start visioning together. Start approaching conflict from a higher level: through conscious conflict transformation.

This is a next-level self-coaching process. If:

  • You are ready to be compassionate and loving
  • You are ready to be accountable for all of your conflicts, whether or not you think you have responsibility right now
  • You are ready to look deep inside yourself, including the dark places, and heal yourself
  • You are ready to face conflict and work to transform it
  • You are ready to radically change from the inside out
  • You are ready to stop being defensive, blaming, and not listening to others

Click here for free PDF of this manual (892 KB).

conflict resolution

Simple Conflict Resolution

This book is for you if:

  • You are in a conflict
  • You have ever had a conflict
  • You realize that conflict is a part of life and you want to learn techniques to resolve it from a simple, conversational level

Click here for free PDF of this manual (1.5 MB).

How We Peacefully Divorced and Co-Parent

If you think there is a better way to get divorced, there is. Learn how we created a co-parenting plan in mediation that worked, years later.

You too can visualize a positive future with your ex, one in which your children will thrive, who ultimately are the most important people in your lives. You can even co-create a parenting plan in a child-inclusive mediation.

The book includes how we mediated the agreement, how we co-parent as divorced parents, how we negotiate other issues, a personal negotiation process, including the children in decisions, and some tips if your ex does not want to dialogue.

Divorced parenting and co-parenting can be done. Our story gives examples so that you can parent after divorce with a common vision.

Click here for free PDF of this manual (216 KB).

Kuan Yin vow

This audio and vow is from a Call-In for Master Sunyata's Kuan Yin Self-Vow Puja, with Mantrams and the Vow.

When Master Sunyata taught the Kuan Yin class, which is a movement practice to open the heart, compassion, find inner strength and center, and to develop clarity of when to act, he included this vow. It is distilled from the vow that he took. Towards the end of his life, he was focused on working with the heart.

Taking this self-vow does not commit us to any organization, or to saying that we will continue to reincarnate. It is a beginning. If you studied with Master Sunyata, it adds a dimension to the connection.

It starts us feeling into a more expanded and clear definition of ourselves, so that we may consider the path of service. It may start you thinking about which spiritual vows you want to practice and live life by.

If this particular path calls to you, please do inquire with an organization about taking their formal Bodhisattva Vow, which will enter you into a life or lifetimes of service.

You may have ready at home:

  • Rose wrapped in white handkerchief or paper towel put in a book on the page with a favorite passage of yours. Can have the book in your lap or have near you.
  • Wear a white or other color shawl to cover head to shoulders.
  • The vow, or you can follow along with the audio.

Click here for PDF of the vow (104 KB).

Click here for audio of the puja from December 13, 2016.