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Introduction to, and overview of, the "2010-2014 Teachings for Women of Sunyata Saraswati", from his last years of his life in Florida.

An ocean, a vast universe, an endless sky of possibility and opportunity is in this word "becoming".

Many times Sunyata Saraswati would use this word "becoming": becoming the Crane, students are not students but teachers becoming, becoming whole, becoming whole brain, and so on.

Open to all possibilities, in the "White Crane Salute". What opens? The energy field, the mind, the heart.

What is one becoming? The little voice, the glimmer, sensation, meeting, shift, anything that takes practitioners into a slightly different direction of their current energy movement is the road to becoming something expanded, to transformation.

Content parts:

  1. Part 1 - The System
  2. Part 2 - Aspects
  3. Part 3 - Overview of Practices
  4. Part 4 - Salutes
  5. Part 5 - Foundation Warmup
  6. Part 6 - Preliminary Energy Movers
  7. Part 7 - Meditation Techniques
  8. Part 8 - Well-Being Processes
  9. Part 9 - Longer, Full Movement Practices with Meditation Techniques

Becoming... is the beginning of documenting the system of teachings from Master Sunyata's last years in Florida, primarily for women. With this system of teachings established by Master Sunyata and now documented, it can continue in its own direction as one system in the overall body of work of Master Sunyata.

Click here for free PDF of this manual - 316 pages (8.5 x 11 - color cover, B&W inside) 1.1 MB.

Click here for YouTube channel spiritenergymovement.

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Please read before using this manual and/or video.

These practices are not meant to replace competent medical advice.

Consult your health practitioner if you are unsure of the suitability of these practices.

Do not practice after surgery until you are allowed by your health practitioner.

You should not practice during the menstrual period, during pregnancy, or in the first six weeks postpartum.

These practices cannot be done under the influence or hangover of alcohol or any intoxicants.

The exercises and practices in this manual and/or video promote well-being and energy and are not data-proven methods. Please use this information with caution, intuition, and common sense, as no outcome is guaranteed.


These activities (including movement practices, yoga, Chi Gung, Tai Chi, meditation, Nei Gung, and self-massage) involve standing, stretching, bending, breathing exercises, meditation, and may include movements for positions while sitting or lying down.

Possible risks of the practices may include pain, discomfort, dizziness, losing balance, heat in the body, or anything else unusual.

The outcome of the risks may include strain, sprain, muscle soreness, injury, or temporary menstrual cycle change.

If you feel anything unusual, stop practicing immediately. Do not force or strain yourself when practicing. The instructor cannot guarantee that the student, who is using the manual or video, is in a safe space for practice. Always check your surroundings for safety and a level surface.

I understand the activities, risks, and possible outcomes above, and I am healthy enough to participate.


I agree to the above before using the manual and/or video. I understand the activities, risks, and outcomes of risk. I understand that I am practicing at my own risk.

I release the instructor from any liability that may result from this practice.


If you do have another teacher or are practicing another system, or want to study with another teacher after starting this system, please speak to your primary teacher for direction.

You want to ensure that the other practices that you are doing or want to do are energetically compatible with the specific practices in this system, manual, and/or video.

It is best to choose one primary practice, system, or teacher, and consult with that teacher about what is best for you.

Thank you!

Part of the "2010-2014 Teachings for Women of Sunyata Saraswati"

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