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Moontime Movement and Meditation

Moontime Movement and Meditation

"I heal, balance, and center first myself, then assist those who desire assistance in their healing, balancing, and centering."
- Sunyata Saraswati

An easier cycle! Many women would like to feel better throughout every day of the month.

Moontime Movement and Meditation is a group of practices that can be done individually or as one longer practice, to develop Chi, stimulate the lymphatic system, stimulate and regulate hormonal flow, and lessen menstrual symptoms. The practitioner can note how they feel before practice, and how they feel over months of practice, in order to discover what works or does not work for their particular body.


  1. Menstrual Period - No, cannot practice
  2. Pregnant - No, cannot practice
  3. Postpartum - Wait six weeks, unless breastfeeding, then wait until your child is weaned
  4. Breastfeeding - No, cannot practice

Health Concerns:

  • Do not do if you are not permitted to do aerobic exercise, fast walking, or jogging
  • No AIDS
  • No cancer or chemo/radiation
  • No heat issues in the body as defined by Chinese medicine

One video and one manual (237 pages, 8.5" x 11", 3.2 MB).



Please read before using this manual and/or video.

These practices are not meant to replace competent medical advice.

Consult your health practitioner if you are unsure of the suitability of these practices.

The exercises and practices in this manual and/or video promote well-being and energy and are not data-proven methods. Please use this information with caution, intuition, and common sense, as no outcome is guaranteed.

Do not force or strain yourself when practicing. If you feel pain, discomfort, dizziness, or anything else unusual, stop practicing immediately.

Do not practice after surgery until you are allowed by your health practitioner. Check the health cautions in this manual and/or video.

If you do have another teacher or are practicing another system, or want to study with another teacher after starting this system, please speak to your primary teacher for direction.

You want to ensure that the other practices that you are doing or want to do are energetically compatible with the specific practices in this system, manual, and/or video.

It is best to choose one primary practice, system, or teacher, and consult with that teacher about what is best for you.

I agree to the above before using the manual and/or video.

Thank you!

Part of the 2010-2014 Teachings for Women of Sunyata Saraswati