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Create or strengthen your connection to self, others, nature, and source

Spiritual Movement Classes and Practices

Would you like to transform and transition from one state of being to another? Whether health, mind, body, relating, or spirituality, you have the ability to awaken, shed what does not serve you, let go, elevate your awareness, and go deeper into your infinite nature.

Classes for women include meditation, Chi Gung, Tai Chi, Tibetan/Indian mix Yoga, and Pranayama, as well as classes focused on women's cycle and life change well-being.

Classes are practices from Sunyata Saraswati, and originate in the longevity arts of Dr. Li Ching Yuen; Tibetan nun practices for longevity, purity, and physical and energetic health; Taoist exercises for hormonal health; and Indian Asanas and Mantra meditation.

Workshops include various practices for physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual well-being.

Suitable for your goals, whether you are a beginner wanting to try a class, someone who is wishing to try different classes, or a spiritual aspirant wishing to further your path.

May the light of spiritual awareness enrich and fulfill your life and the lives of those you encounter.

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